Tuesday, 27 July 2010

EPC rated "A" Nursery ...

recommended for health and wellbeing:

As a side effect this Nursery's CO2 emissions are ultralow as are the running (energy) cost; a 6,000 sqft paradise for 75 children in the centre of Glasgow.

More on this soon.

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nuclear's value added cost

According a today's report in FTD (Financial Times Germany) the German Government is faced with an extra €10.6bn of clean-up cost for the decommissioning and decontaminating of old nuclear plants and research facilities including "Asse II" and the former GDR repository Morsleben. The figure (10.6) remains based on 2010 prices and is not "audited" with other words, the tax paper has to pay the gamble anyway so why bother and go into any details.

So much for the realistic cost of every kWh of nuclear power and the ones that rant against PV and other renewables' subsidies and the "enormous" cost for the consumers. At least those cost have a calculatory base and are fixed while nobody knows what this 10.6bn clean-up figure will ever end up with.

That is - no need to mention - for the same payor, every tax payer, i.e. consumer - and not any kind of anonymous government!

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Monday, 26 July 2010

a continental miracle...

or just lousy British motorists that need that sniff?!?

...the nozzle and crank in action, so both hands
free for taking the photo while refuelling...
Photo taken in Germany: land of high and tech!

Coming back from abroad, by car, from overheated Germany, through this sophisticated Eurotunnel stopping at the first British gas station makes me wonder: are these Germans the better gas station users? Are they the ones to deserve better than the British "refuellers"? Do they have a better moral or just the higher and deeper technical understanding of how to fill up their gas tanks?

Why do these automatic "high-tech" filling stoppers work fine and always in Germany while we in Britain have to stand just above those benzene and benzol fumes squeezing the nozzle harder for speedy refilling while taking deep sniffs of what is a globally acknowledged cause of cancer?

I assume to learn how to take advantage of this tiny wee high-tech crank pushed backwards to allow it to stop the filling process just in time is not a lesson to take too long to learn and take advantage of; even for the below average British motorists!

Charles Stewart and Henry, i.e. Messrs. Rolls and Royce would still be rotating in their graves if they had ever been treated that stupid.

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dead zones

If Oceans' Dead Zones are related to population density, which nobody questions, why would one question population's influence on the globe's climate?

click the image or NASA

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Friday, 2 July 2010

in principle it is clear...

what went wrong!

This might be amusing in parts; it wraps up the truth though!

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