Thursday, 29 April 2010

evil to him who evil thanks...

Telegraph: Spain hit as "Greek" illness spreads over Europe

rats over banksters!

What on earth has changed during the last month or so in reference to the "standing" of Portugal or Spain that made the rating agencies wake up just yesterday and degrade both countries' rating level within 24 hours just when the pressure on politics had mounted up on the Greek problem?

Obviously the pressure on politics to install a bail-out-package for Greece, more accurately the Club-Med-bond loaded banksters by degrading Greek bonds to junk status was not enough.

Spain’s credit rating was cut from AA-plus to AA. S&P blamed its high borrowings and the expectation of a “protracted period of sluggish activity”.
Credit Suisse analysts said that British banks had £25 billion of exposure to Greece and Portugal but £75 billion to Spain.
In Tokyo, Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, ended a news conference with the Japanese Prime Minister by reciting a haiku: “The sun is rising/sleeping yet in Europe/still the same sun.” he said. He declined to explain.

Evil to him who evil thanks the rats for the assistance given to the banksters, again, by these ever so independent rating agencies!

Carpe diem!


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