Wednesday, 29 June 2011

the truth, here in German...

... nothing but the reality!


Dirk Mueller, one of the few speaking it out: the Euro (Greek) rescue packages is money irresponsibly wasted, peculated tax payers' money that nobody will ever see again in a situation that in normal circumstances, yours and mine, would be called "delay in filling bankrupcy", an act heavily enforced by penalty; this is all neglected for the sake of the banks, the banksters, who write the blueprint and dictate the conditions and are busy taking shelter. 

Greece will default once all the Greek bonds and related CDS - and those of the directly related PIGS and friends- will be in the safe tax payers' hands such as the government owned insurances and all kind of public and Bad Banks led by the wonderful ECB and its national fellow players.

All governments are slaves to the banksters, the very same who started it all. James Galbreith put it right, already in 2009 - nothing has changed but got worse for the masses.

Carpe diem!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Greece: a twofold problem...

 ... and a reset solving it, only!

Here is a link to watch a CNBC video with Michael Spence talking about Greece: he sees Greece's problem having two parts:
  • sovereign debts
  • lacking competitiveness
No surprise after discussing this for many months; he obviously wants to keep the logical rest of his analysis a secret; may be he wants to be invited back for coffee to be interviewed again; he should have added that certainly all the PIGS or GIPS (or into what ever you mix them) and many more of those in total 17 Eurozone countries face the same twofold burden; in fact Germany might be the only country being still competitive - however, the German sovereign debt problem is getting bigger with every cheque and guarantee signed and with every junk paper the ECB prints money against. In addition Germany's competitiveness will be hit hard, abruptly and brutally once its so-called European partners will be sick to the back teeth with austerity, cuts, unemployment, no-future chances, sell-offs and still more people demonstrating 24/7 against what more and more will be named "The rich Krauts' revenge!".

Michael Spence also mentions a possible sabbatical for Greece from the EURO; that wouldn't change a thing; only once the majority felt like taking one or two or more sabbaticals we might as well turn times back, press reset,  to 1979, the year when the very successful EMS was introduced.

I believe this reset is necessary; it is strongly advisable, I hope it will come soon! If it then takes us back to 1979, good! If the reset comes too late it might throw us back further; ante 1958 (Treaties of Rome); hopefully not beyond?

Carpe diem!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Peter Columbo Falk...

everything was iconic, his car, his coat, his cigar, his look, his questioning.

Rest in peace, inspector.

Carpe diem!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

at the end of a day's work...

...Inglisssh becomes Work Laenquish!

I know, I have posted this long ago, but with all the in-efficiency and un-sustainability around me today I thought I need to have to rough laugh!

This Gentleman is Europe's Commissioner for Energy!  So, should you need some... feel free to ask him... may be not in Inglisssh but in Swabian!

Carpe diem!

p.s. You think, if it wasn't so serious, it'd be very funny?

it is so basic...

beware of cuts in training and education!

Want an example, read this: eight faulty wheels lost since 2009:

I find this unbelievable, dreadful, and incredible offensive; not only because our children might sit in one of those buses or you, or her, him, could be hit by the occasional wheel meeting your windscreen the odd moment. No!

Being part of this society in 2011 anno domini one would think that we have done and are doing enough to avoid such idiotic, simple, yet possibly mortal mistakes to where they become almost declared extinct; what about schooling, training, educating, warning, combined with some brains, some basic thinking? Yes, we did start in caves, but then we made tools that helped us on to where in the end (?) we flew to the moon and challenge nature and even life from all kind of angles.

It seems, now, with post-peak-manhood we seem to be producing stupidity, apathy and lethargy and the ever so efficient I-am-not responsible-crab; we seem to protect our children and in fact everybody to the very edge where the right of self-determination is dissolved by what is called Health and Safety but ends up in a flood of regulations that per se strangle real responsibility in what one is and one does, one wants and one gets.

Now, what did we get here? A "... faulty wheels warning"? It should rather be called "Beware of idiots". Idiots, because not the wheels were faulty! Idiots, because they very obviously did not know what they were doing and what is really frightening probably still have no clue of how to work, use or take advantage of common tools such like wheel-spiders, torque spanners, modern impact wrenches, and whatever is needed to fix a wheel to a bus. Any vehicle! Do we have to start from scratch again?

So, MBPs, MSP, etc. pp.! There are better things to cut or cut back on; it is definitely not education, schooling, training. The call for responsibility for what one is and what one does should also be preserved; I doubt this new "Curriculum for Excellence" is the way forward, but that is another blog some time later.

No, sorry, I am not offensive; it is me who is offended by this level of stupidity and cretinism. It does not help when you have to read in the same article:
And in the audit process there appeared to be a genuine attempt to find out what had gone wrong rather than cover up.

Hello!? Cover up? In the end this is sold to us as a success story. In 2011! In the UK! By man? Help!

Carpe diem!

passiv or passive: House or Haus

Many of you have heard about the advantages of "going passive" when it comes to building your new home, house, office, nursery, hospital, workshop, etc.

But that "many of you" does by far not mean "enough"! Here is some more on the subject:

Carpe diem!

all quiet on the western...

... and the same old tricks

...fighting to keep the Euro alive.

More and more people try to challenge me on what I said long ago and keep saying: the Euro is history , it is an awfully horribly dying species. That alone is not really a challenge! Not just because last night a high ranked German Diplomat said to me "...but if you are right it is going to be a disaster!"

And No, I am not following Nostredam.

Ever since the beginning of the crisis nothing, nothing was done to solve the real issues, not even analysing what the crisis' basic reasons are. It is almost like forbidden to talk about Germany's export bonanza being based on Greece's turmoil and the PIGS's high unemployment rate or their diminishing GDPs; admitted, that is cutting it short, but instead of real analysing and acting there is just more paper printed and IT returns pressed hectically to create QE number x, y, z - don't you dare call it QE3!

Bad Bank concepts flood the balance sheets with the ECB leading the gang to be the Worst Bank of all; guess why the ECB did not agree to have the banks taking their share in Greek losses? Schaeuble's idea to have the banks participate was not a new one but it did not happen other than under a voluntary agreement! What a joke, Ladies and Gentlemen? No wonder, you hear no bank shouting "Here!"!

So, what might take longer than expected, all those life prolonging shots and tricks, will end in a revival of a trustworthy currency? Well, give me a break.

Here, for a change, is something a wee bit more funny: did you know "The English are basically Germans"?

Well, at least I made it to Scotland!

Carpe diem!

while we play stupid games...

... called Euro, Greece, Terrorism or Nuclear...

our human footprint is killing the remains of our habitat. We might not be past-peak-oil but we are definitely past-peak-manhood! Our front gardens are looking good, fresh cut grass, fertilised, nice roses in full blossom; meanwhile the surrounding rest of the planet becomes pretty hostile, the oceans will be amongst the first to go.

A very interesting report on the state of the

Carpe diem!


dogs bark elsewhere...

... certainly not in the Highlands:

Watchdog refuses to probe council role in housing fair bailout

27 of 30 remain unsold... funny; and there are no complaints from those who are bailed out? Reminds me of those birds flocking together, or was it dogs?

Carpe diem!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Expo's Funky Town

... one year later... things are really happening here.

It's sheer pandemonium!

August 26th, 2010: highland housing expo!

August 27th, 2010: eco, friendly, green and credentials...

January 19th, 2011: new year: old news

Carpe diem!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

a must-watch video: 4:11...

... minutes, only.


(Open Mind)

Have a nice day and think! Think independently, make up your mind, don't just follow but follow your common sense. Don't just believe, think! Don't just follow the Attenboroughs or Hessels, think and then think further.

Ideas such as the Euro, Globalism, IT or war come and go; the essentials stay the same.

Carpe diem.