Wednesday, 19 January 2011

new year: old news

All the best for another year of more of the same: unsolved but mixed problems! Take it easy!

On the Euro and the Yuan;
China and Grangemouth;
Affordables, efficiencies
and the Scottish Expo!

The Euro's main function now during its finale seems to be to assist the US $ in paving the path for the Chinese Yuan to become the world's sole key currency. Sounds odd?

Nothing odd about China's intelligent moves to install themselves as the one and only superpower while the decadent rest watches and applauds. And really, for all their investments they use that green paper covered in rot and mold while most of their investments into e.g. deprived harbours in Portugal, Greece or Scotland are covered by petty cash:

The operators of the Grangemouth oil refinery have struck a deal with China's largest oil and gas producer to safeguard the future of the facility.

At the weekend, it was announced that Scotland and China had sealed a major green energy deal, worth $10m (£6.4m).

Petty cash that opens a flood gate - for China:

It will see technology pioneered in Scotland used at a new renewable energy conversion plant in China.

Combined with technology transfer: clever deals, China! I would like to see that "technology pioneered in Scotland"; to me it rather seems like Grangemouth needs an urgent upgrade itself to possibly understand that 20 or 30 metre high flare flames from burning off flare gas 24/7 could be considered as an substantial waste of energy, not to mention an enormous carbon belcher - obviously it is not any financial problem: we, the stupid customers using stupid gas pumps or desperately in need of energy to fight the cold in our eco-houses will be paying the bill: anyway!

Oh: and two flames are heating up that frosty sky above those human ecotopes at least twice as efficient!

Those Low Energy Home Tenants sitting in eco-friendly homes representing all those stupid marketing credentials while facing sky high power bills would probably love to have their share in those Chinese flames of Grangemouth.

"Some of them are switching the heating off altogether because they cannot afford to keep it going. To build eco-houses that people cannot afford to live in is just not right."
The development, a mix of flats and two and three bedroom houses, was built by Tulloch Homes Express just over 12 months ago.

The properties are fitted with under-floor heating powered by an exhaust heat pump system which recycles hot air. In its 2010 annual report Cairn boasted that the homes would provide tenants with low heating and water bills.

By the way, I commented on the article; must have been lost for many days or could it actually be the case that the Inverness Courier does not want to lose an express client?

This is old news, again an unsolved but an ever increasing problem; the modern society's version of "biting the hand that feeds one..." called progress, growth, prosperity and a human life!? In Germany it is currently called "dioxin crisis", you could also name it "Haiti" or "banksters" or just "peak globe"!

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That last August, remember? I dared to write about our visit to the Scottish Housing Expo, a lot of criticism, some asked me why I would be so grumpy? No mention of me being unfair, wrong or untrue. Here is an update on its sales:

Sales of properties at the site of Scotland's Housing Expo have been mixed almost five months after the event finished in August last year.

Albyn Housing Society said it had sold 10 of its 11 homes at Balvonie Braes in Inverness.
The organisation added that there was interest from someone in its remaining property.

Highland Housing Alliance, one of the expo organisers, has still to sell all of its 27 homes.
The event, showcasing eco-friendly and energy efficient designs, was held during the whole of August.

Backed by Highland Council and the Scottish government, the expo attracted 30,000 visitors.

This "backed by ..." you can find here; a +two million package with mixed sales and modern cladding:

No, I am not a grumpy old man; not yet, just an old, slightly mixed sarcastic realist.

Carpe diem!


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