Sunday, 6 February 2011

Indignez vous! Outrage yourself!

... but don't just cry out!

The above photo of Stephane Hessel was part of an article in the Welt-Online on the bad spell of capitalism (in German). However, my point is the photo does not do Stephane Hessel and his latest plea for getting involved, for outraging yourself!, for indignez vous! any justice; so here is a better one that shows him more like he wants to tells us something that he believes is an important essence of a long and very experienced life. His experience, his life: Stephane was born in 1917!

His latest book, rather a tiny wee brochure is well worth reading; hard to find a good English online translation, here is one, and here comes a video in German on him and what he stirred up:

Here is an interview in French, some more articles in English you will find here, here, here and here; the last one being the only serious one I found in the English media. Why is that?

It is remarkable what he says and writes but it is also remarkable that it is difficult to find his original words in proper English; it begins with the fact that translating "Indignez vous!" is far from being "cry out!" It is his very strong plea to every one of his fellow readers to outrage himself, to make up his opinion, to phrase same, then get involved and change what is necessary to be changed: much more than the simple: "cry out!"

That explains why what Stephane Hessel says is not openly discussed, hardly anywhere; imagine, the students would not just cry out and shout but phrase, become involved and changed what is necessary to be changed.

Stephene Hessel: "To create it is to resist. To resist, it is to create!"

Carpe diem!


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