Tuesday, 24 March 2009

2030 "Perfect Storm" poses global threat

'Perfect storm' poses global threat


This Perfect Storm event would be much more pleasing to market if we had timed it to happen in 2000; or then may be in 2222.

A real Doomsday scenario should be coming with a catchy figure, don’t you agree? 2030 sounds something like half baked and “could do better”.

But then the ones around in 2030 might not really care what date it was when it all started or what date it is at all; our children most likely will be among the ones that will have to fight for every piece of food, a drop of water and any quantum of energy; they will have to fight hard to get there. What about you, me? Will they help us, will they take us along?

May be we should continue to pray and hope, to wish and to dream that it come out totally different!

I personally think we should rather take action, now; in fact any and everything we can do. We know it will happen, we know why, we do know the answers, not all, but more day by day. A throwaway economy based on growth of pseudo numbers, fake balance sheets and artificial success as the one-and-only pin-up idol must be replaced by one simple word: quality! The quality of life, of survival, of our existence.

What are we waiting for?

Carpe diem!


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