Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Climate Scientists Warn the World is Heading for War of the Resources


Climate scientists warn that world is heading for war of the resources

New News?

The frequency of meaningless news and comments on the global warming hazard is shocking; putting it into context with detailed and specific news on single elements of the subject even more so.

· For example: one day last year news said the thawing of the ice would be going faster than predicted because water is darker and absorbs heat more easily which in return melts ice faster – now, how new is that?

· The next week it is the thawing of the permafrost North and South threatening to soon double GHG emissions – double what is in the atmosphere so far! Well ice melts, soil melts, so what’s new?

· A couple of days ago one could read that last year’s Wenchuan earthquake might add up to 2% of the yearly global CO2 emissions for decades; surprise?

· Or get this: national ship transport alone emits almost half as much particulate pollution into the air as the total amount released by automobiles – globally. Found out in 2009!

Take just these four points and read the above article – you will find it hard to believe that we should have a period of grace until 2015, 2050 or let alone 2100.

Intelligent animals would take precautions; just in case things develop differently to what so-called experts, media and politicians and other representatives of the human race forecast, expect, predict or guess.

We started to challenge the climate drop by drop – of fossil fuel: hard to understand?
We are now at a point where the physical and chemical reactions obviously make themselves independent under accelerating conditions: a new phenomenon?
We talk about periods of grace, possible reductions in the future and fears of wars on resources, extremely unlikely events, polar bears and penguins: well?

What do we know? Besides talking: absolutely nothing!

March 10th 2009
Carpe diem!


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