Friday, 1 May 2009

Climate Crunch Scepticism

Change, Crunch or Challenge

The above article on the overall climate situation makes really heavy, hard and tough reading. We might be closer to a drastic climate change than we have so far been told.

While this might be dramatic, indeed, it makes me think about the many articles I have come across during the past weeks on "climate sceptics"; the ones that vehemently try to tell everybody what nonsense this global warming and its man made cause is and how much we are all taken by the nose not noticing this conspiracy of tax men and other dubious powers. Moon landing and 9/11 send their regards.

We all know something is changing; flora and fauna and precipitation patterns are changing, CO2 levels are currently rising fast. Yet, these changes have occurred ever since this planet became habitable. Today we all are part of the vast number of people on this globe, growing and growing; so does our energy consumption, our food and fresh water demands, the way we eat up land and species; we are producing historic amounts of waste including all kinds of emissions, not just CO2.

During my life span the World population has more than doubled; all happening within what makes our planet the blue one; the atmosphere, and here the lowest layers, defined and limited space for unlimited growth?

To understand more about our play room go here (interactive animation).

Of course, there is room left for all kinds of conspiracy theories; one ought to be headlined "Let's test its limits!", another one may be "How bad before it get's better?" or "How stupid?".

In medicine it is secondary to argue about who caused the flu while the prime task is to make sure the patient gets better; in other words we need to take action, more and faster to address the problems - then we need to know what caused the disease and only then we might want to know who caused it.

Governments tried to bail out banks; had they waited until they fully understood the "what?" and had addressed the "who?" those banks would be history by now.

But then, may be that would have been the better solution.

Carpe diem!


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