Sunday, 25 October 2009

Forwever waste!

nuclear waste in barrels standing on salt
click on the picture to get a feeling for the dimension(s) "Nuclear Waste unsolved"

It remains a miracle for me that on a global scale all decision makers are calling for new Nuclear Power Stations while the saga of “How to handle nuclear waste material” remains not only unsolved but is a fast growing hazard to mankind.

The article also refers to the “German Lesson”:

Storing waste in the mine had to be stopped because scientists didn’t understand how water flows in and out of the space, putting the structure and nearby water resources at risk, Wolfram Koenig, president of the German nuclear safety regulator, said in an interview on a train to the site.

...just another method!

You should know that Mr. Koenig refers to a "former salt mine"; salt and water and scientists that have to admit to not understand "how water flows"!

Good luck!

Carpe diem!

P.S.: here is another interesting article on nuclear waste or "spent nuclear fuel".


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