Wednesday, 29 June 2011

the truth, here in German...

... nothing but the reality!


Dirk Mueller, one of the few speaking it out: the Euro (Greek) rescue packages is money irresponsibly wasted, peculated tax payers' money that nobody will ever see again in a situation that in normal circumstances, yours and mine, would be called "delay in filling bankrupcy", an act heavily enforced by penalty; this is all neglected for the sake of the banks, the banksters, who write the blueprint and dictate the conditions and are busy taking shelter. 

Greece will default once all the Greek bonds and related CDS - and those of the directly related PIGS and friends- will be in the safe tax payers' hands such as the government owned insurances and all kind of public and Bad Banks led by the wonderful ECB and its national fellow players.

All governments are slaves to the banksters, the very same who started it all. James Galbreith put it right, already in 2009 - nothing has changed but got worse for the masses.

Carpe diem!


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