Friday, 30 September 2011

daughter's heroine

I chose my mum to be my heroine because she is hardworking,
trustworthy and has to put up with me, my brothers and sister.

as seen in Charleston Academy; Inverness

Trustworthiness: would it not be nice to be able to rely on this virtue? The people of Japan did when they were told by their ingenious and omniscient politicians how brilliant their nuclear power technology, those highly trained managers and technicians were and how safe it all was and is:

TOKYO—Government officials failed to distribute to thousands of people pills that could have minimized radiation risks from the March nuclear accident, government documents show.
The disclosure is the latest evidence of government neglect of emergency procedures in the chaotic days after the disaster, in which an earthquake and tsunami damaged the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

WSJ ASIA: Japan officials failed to hand out Radiation Pills in Quake's Aftermath

Not even the most simple of all measurements they were capable of initialising. What ignorance, falsehood and stupidity? Failure across the board with no consequences for the failed.

Don't you expect the governments of Euroland to have any clue of what they started when they imposed the EURO upon us and even less when it comes to handle the current crisis out of which there is no way by inventing new dubious ways of accounting (for) ever more debts, every day. That's treating ill patients with more illness; or more debts with more cuts; or trying to safe a dying City from Financial Transaction Tax while betting on a deceasing currency watching what was to be a globalised world and celebrating that nonsense of "we are not part of it"!?

Glad to say: the basics never change; the escape into what is a young sister's and daughter's basic trust into her mum was and is the last resort. Parents: proud as can be; and responsible!

Carpe diem!


Truth or Paranoia? Activists Claim Parts Of Tokyo Are More Radioactive Than Chernobyl

6 months into Japan's cleanup, radiation a major worry


Anonymous said...

I love the picture!

Chris Milton said...

Harumph ... I love the sentiment but believe the broadside against the euro is naive.

Countries which adopted the euro knew they were on the irrevocable path to political integration. The only trouble is that the financial crisis has made the need for such integration sooooo much more urgent.

France & Germany have already announced plans for a unified tax system ... the future has already arrived.

caw rock said...

@Chris Milton

Thanks for commenting.

I don't agree; for one it was naïve to think irrevocability was a given part of the Euro deal; for two, not the countries adopted the Euro but the Euro was imposed on most of them; and for three, the financial crisis accelerated and enhanced the Euro’s lack of a valid subject matter, only.

A currency union is what might follow an economic union, not the other way round.

And, Chris, to see France and Germany sitting in the same tax boat now with most jobs exported, the rest being at stake or at least depending on the global payers’ caprice in amongst China’s thirst for power, labour, land and all other kinds of resources is not really relevant, is it?

But I do agree: the future has arrived; right hereafter.

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