Wednesday, 22 June 2011

passiv or passive: House or Haus

Many of you have heard about the advantages of "going passive" when it comes to building your new home, house, office, nursery, hospital, workshop, etc.

But that "many of you" does by far not mean "enough"! Here is some more on the subject:

Carpe diem!


Francesco Sortino said...


> Geothermal heat pumps;
> Air-water heat pumps;
> Exhaust air heat pumps.

They are energy efficient complete systems for heating and cooling which is both economic and environmentally sustainable.
This technology is available both for residential single/multi-family and industrial and commercial buildings.

The geothermal heat pump uses as a heat source the subsoil or ground water and allows a cost savings for the heating up to 80%.
You do not need to reside in a thermal area to enjoy the benefits of underground heat: from 10 m depth the soil temperature remains almost constant throughout the year, and around 100 meters the temperatures are around the 10-12 °C constituting a heat source for the optimum operation of the heat pump.

The air-water heat pump uses as a source of heat the outside air and allows a cost savings for the heating up to 50-60%.
It can produce hot water for heating or sanitary uses up to temperatures of 65 °C with only the compressor and work up to temperatures of -25 °C!

The exhaust air heat pump uses as a heat source stale air present in the house, allows a cost savings for the heating up to 50%.

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