Sunday, 18 September 2011

change is upon us!

He who will not economize will have to agonize.

Confucius (551 - 479 BC)

Admitted, I have not blogged much lately; our problems don't seem to change, nobody comes up with any kind of sustainable solution for any of those irrevocable troubles but while the daily routine rushes by things seem to turn in slow motion circles or shall we say spirals?

The death of the Euro is a slow process as is accepting and more so understanding Climate Change; slow is the Gulf Stream, some examples?

January 2003

January 2011
August 2003

August 2011
 September 2003

 September 2011

I am not a climate expert, but I am not colour blind either. Fresh from Wikipedia:

One of the greatest influences on the climate of the UK is the Atlantic Ocean and especially the North Atlantic Current, which brings warm waters from the Gulf of Mexico to the waters around the country by means of thermohaline circulation. This has a powerful moderating and warming effect on the country's climate—the North Atlantic Drift warms the climate to such a great extent that if the current did not exist then temperatures in winter would be about −10 °C (−18.0 °F) lower than they are today. The current allows England to have vineyards at the same latitude that Canada has polar bears. A good example of the effects of the North Atlantic Drift is Tresco Abbey Gardens, on the Isles of Scilly, 48 kilometres (30 mi) west of Cornwall, where Canary Island date palm trees grow - possibly the nearest of their kind to the Arctic Circle, at 50° latitude north. These warm ocean currents also bring substantial amounts of humidity which contributes to the notoriously wet climate that western parts of the UK experience.
The extent of the Gulf Stream's contribution to the actual temperature differential between North America and western Europe is a matter of dispute.[23][24] It has been argued that atmospheric waves that bring subtropical air northwards contribute to a much greater extent to the temperature differential than thermohaline circulation.[23]

The above pictures you can find here and here, freely available, lots about Ocean currents, but mainstream has more interesting slow stories, e.g. Climate Change and the deniers' rubbish oracles led by what the Americans might face as their next best Republican President! Here is an Open Mind summary on the situation.

 be prepared!

Al Gore is back, did you watch his new initiative? It is worth it.

Apropos slow, the death agony of the Euro enters into its next round; the ESM, the European Stability Mechanism is here, and here is the key of which country has to bear how much:

Those countries are all virtually insolvent, but being ill does not prevent one from becoming iller; I know, it should be "more ill" but "iller" sounds similar to "killer" and a killer this ESM is. Same for the Eurobonds, the last resource of a dying species.

There is really nothing wrong with not having joined the EURO and now not being involved with this ESM; but then the EURO's failure will not feel like the UK was no part of it and the Pound will suffer, promised.

Here is a video, sorry, in German, only, on the ESM and its conditions; as I said, a killer:

I am sure any normal independent court would call this contract null and void and the initiators criminals. Here are the details in English.

But all this will not avoid the deterioration of the global markets; what begun with the financial markets caused by banksters will be now accompanied by markets either collapsing into deflation or exploding into peak scenarios causing all kinds of destroying issues. GEAB N°57:

"While the US iceberg is ramming the Titanic, the crew leads the passengers in search of dangerous Greek terrorists who may have planted bombs on board!" In propaganda terms, it’s a known recipe: it’s a diversion to allow, first of all, the rescue of the passengers one wants to save (the informed elite who know very well that there are no Greek terrorists on board) since everyone can’t be saved; and then, hide the problem’s true nature for as long as possible to avoid a revolt on board (including some of the crew who sincerely believe that there really are bombs on board).

Apropos Confucius: China is on track, no doubts! The latest has become the only global player against all its vast challenges, but it is on track! The media comments on the latest Chinese ideas of investing into what are hollow PIIGS' bonds of even more hollow European economies are dreadfully ignorant, stupid, some are pseudo-clever by intention. Yes, mainstream, it is you I call stupid; don't you see this?:

Join the dots, Beijing-watchers say, and China's strategy becomes clear: It wants to use its economic leverage to make friends who may be more forgiving in disputes over trade and human rights, and ensure doors are open for its goods and corporate investments in the European Union, its main export market. (source)

B...s...: it is worse! China is swapping green rubbish currency for hard-core influence, know-how, resources and ever more addicted markets. Better than trading debts for more debts.

Carpe diem!


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