Thursday, 3 November 2011

merde noir!

What a day?! Full of democratic competitiveness!

For once a Prime minister wants to ask the people about their opinion - okay it is 10 or 12 years too late for a now silly question and a last resort, only, of a desperate man, but his move suggests for a moment that there might be some democratic crumbles left - and then this referendum is washed away as, by chance, some other politicians are willing to further follow that endless Merkel-Sarkocracy of piling debts on debts on debts for the sake of what they call competitiveness and a united Europe; in case anybody refuses allegiance peace and freedom of and in Europe are supposed to be history! What an intelligent threat.

Apropos competitiveness: I regularly feel sick when I hear Madame Merkel praying this "...Greece must regain its competitiveness...!" What a nonsense! How come anybody can talk such b...s...? When last - since ancient times - has Greece ever been competitive? And if so, what industrial output would that refer to? Until 1974 Greece was run by a Military Junta! Forgotten? It had this beautiful, regulated and then floating/falling/fixed currency called Drahme which bought you nothing but may be an inexpensive holiday, some olives and if you needed some sheep! Nothing wrong with that; it covered a tax heaven-like ship emporium and similar set-ups and anything serious was imported against so-called hard currency. Basta!

And then, just in time, the banksters' new man heading the ECB, Europe's Worst Bank, reduces interest rates further even though inflation is climbing sharply with the line: "...The remit of the ECB is maintaining price stability in the medium term". And further (Bloomberg):

The ECB lowered rates partly because “what we’re observing now is slow growth heading toward a mild recession,” Draghi said.

He must have listened to Mr. King, just recently. Obviously mainstream allows any kind of merde noir.

It is hard to carpe such a diem; I know; keep trying!


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