Thursday, 19 July 2012

Euro! Stop here!

Any day longer will make it worse!
Much worse!

Prior to have to live through an explosion of this Unified European Currency and see the European Union become a battlefield I demand this stupid adventure to be stopped here and now!

At the moment we might have a smallish chance left to settle this suicidal experiment in a controlled and organized way. Any day longer this "Einheitswährung" as it is called in Germany, the "Unity-Currency" of something that is far from being a Unity, is strangling those totally unequal economies and peoples it will become worse; worse than any cut could be today!

Unemployment rates in the South soar with young people under 25 reaching 55% in places, overall a >25% rate of unemployment in Greece, Spain, Portugal, soon Italy are only what we will see next in other states and France, The Netherlands, even the UK once the bread and games are over with. And shortly thereafter in Germany! Combined with severe cuts into training and education all this is the recipe for extreme social pressure and economical depression of unseen dimensions; industrial output shrinks at record rates all over Europe and that is not machinery and production slowing down but complete plants shut off and people send to hell; that hell of trying to find a job in an environment that does not create labour but exported and exports any job possible for the sake of boosting wholesale markups until retail collapses along with purchase power.

If there is any intelligence left in Europe it should, it must act now; neither a bank-union, bank banks, ultra low or even negative interest rates nor any of these stunningly ignorant and all the same money-printing-Ponzi-bonanzas will solve the disaster that one currency pulled over what was an unprepared, inhomogeneous Europe, not unified economically, not legally, not socially, has caused.

As to Pound Sterling people will say it is good where it is, strong and an independent alternative, so why call for the Euro to be ended? The Pound is only so strong like the Euro is weak, independence is history and UK is still part of the Eurasian continent.

The Euro must end here! Der Euro muß weg!

Carpe diem!


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