Monday, 23 September 2013

Topping out! Dundee!

The nicest tree we had so far for a topping out
in Scotland thanks to Total Build Team Ltd.!


Translated from an ancient German topping out saying;
may be dated, but then not outdated:

If this house will stand and stay
until all the envy and hatred passes,
then – indeed – it will remain
until the world has fallen to ashes!

Malice, enemies, grief and sorrow
shall evade your door!
Joy, happiness, bliss and glee
shall find the same and ever more!

This house shall grant
refuge and home
in glory and honor
to those, who dreamt it true!
Their verdict shall be:
"Lord, protect our home
 and give us your blessing, too! "

this house from danger at all times,
charm and shield his master's family,
may it stand safe and sound, year by year
and keep all worries out, thankfully.

This green tree shall be symbol
for our client's felicity
which shall dwell in this house
from now on to eternity.

hold onto
this house,
until a snail walked off its knees,
until an ant starved long and hard
for it to empty all the seas.
This drink to this house I dedicate
for it to stand and celebrate!

The snail is now on its way, the seas are rather rising and the HANSE HAUS house in Dundee will be finished by Christmas!

Thank you all visitors, friends, neighbours, maybe and hope-to-be customers and all helpers for making it a memorable day.

Carpe diem!


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