Wednesday, 24 February 2010

euro's song of swan

EURO is history!

Its failure was programmed when this artificial currency was forced over so different economies such as the German and the Portuguese or the French and the Italian; during the last weeks there was not even the slightest hint that any or a certain group of the member states, the ECB or the EU is working on a plan to safe the currency by installing measurements that would allow economies of different levels and needs (!) gather under the same currency roof.

Not that I know all the answers and it very likely is long past 12 o’clock but it is obvious that there are no solutions to heal the programme’s failures.

To collect vast sums of money for filling a Greek hat (how often?) will see a number of other hats pop up, some larger, some smaller; the economies slipping almost on a global scale emphasising the battles for labour and commodities, also for weak currencies and low labour cost, this all inflamed by the banksters' egoism will all but protect the EURO.

So the question is: "What’s next?". Not so much a “how does this end?” but rather a “what will we be left with?” and “how will we go on?”.

Anyway, it might take a little or much longer; but an awful end might shorten an awful time!

Carpe diem!


Anonymous said...

“how does this end?” - It just doesnt'.
There are states in the US that are far higher indebted than Greece and the US Dollar is still there

“what will we be left with?” - Large debts like with the US or Britain

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