Tuesday, 17 November 2009

and what...?

telegraph:Global warming will bring killer heat, floods and storms to Britain

1972: our biology prof introduces a new book to us: "This is going to be part of your life, read it!". We read it, we discussed it and read it to others, we were heavily impressed; it made sense and set the goals; ever since then I wait to see and live the consequences of "The Limits to Growth". The Club of Rome started the discussion - but nothing happened except we came up with different names for basically the same problem: "climate catastrophe" or "climate change", "global warming" and "green house gases", "peak-oil" or "carbon society".

The effects of the temperature rise would also be seen in food shortages in the short term in many areas of Europe, especially the south. Droughts in East Anglia would make wheat more difficult to produce, although it would be possible to grow more Mediterranean fruits and vegetables in the south of England.

Although climate change has in the past been seen as potentially positive for northern Europe, because more crops could be grown in cooler areas, the new predictions found this would be balanced out by significant losses in commercial forestry and livestock because of the threat of pests and plant disease.

John Mitchell, director of climate science at the Met Office, said that the research highlighted the importance of a global deal on climate change. “This latest research emphasises the necessity to make drastic cuts in emissions as quickly as possible if we are to avoid dangerous climate change. It highlights the importance of the negotiations that will take place in Copenhagen in December,” he said.

Is this part of our lives ever going to be addressed like it should? With common sense and human intelligence?

Carpe diem!


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