Sunday, 15 November 2009

bull... (not!)

Daily Mail: 'You can eat an extra cheeseburger a day' - say diet experts

I wonder, which Lobby or Lobby-Club has initiated that article? What a generalising b...s...!

Official guidance on how much we can eat each day has been underestimated for the last two decades, scientists have revealed.

The daily intake of calories - currently 2,000 for woman and 2,500 for men - could be increased by up to 16 per cent, the equivalent of cheeseburger or two packets of crisps.

An average adult could happily squeeze in an extra 400 calories a day and not pile on the pounds, Britain's leading nutritionists have admitted.

Who takes responsibility for that "Official Guidance", is it MacD or the Potato Farmers? May be Gordon!?

Carpe diem!


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