Sunday, 28 February 2010


energy, EURO, warming, snow
and other gates and crunches

The snow has piled up higher than ever during our years here in the Scottish Highlands; yet, its sheer mass and the fact that it came in just one 36 hour blizzard inspires to go back and dig out the experts' headlines about the North Atlantic Drifts slowing down etc. Together with that impressive photo documentary on ICE it could make sense. "Could" because it certainly needs more scientific background and evidence than what one lay man can deliver.

However, while I rather stick to the "collecting" of evidence and perspectives I found the below links interesting:

Bill Gates on energy

Al Gore's opinion: NYT OP-ED Contributor

Kate Sheppard: Most Credible Climate Skeptic Not So Credible After All

BBC's Robert Peston: Why withdrawal of Rock guarantee matters

CrisisMaven: The Euro as a Basket Case

Nice views.

Carpe diem!


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