Saturday, 6 February 2010

Years later on "an island...

on its roofs"!

FITs for power from photovoltaic

So it only took a couple of - lost - years until finally a "Feed-in-tariff" will be introduced for power from photovoltaic cells on your roof animating and supporting you to invest into what is the one and only renewable energy - remember, water always needs to be on the high side ....

From 1 April, households with approved­ schemes will be paid for the electricity they generate, even if they use all of it themselves.
The payments will physically come from your existing electricity supplier, but will be overseen by the regulator Ofgem.

Endless times I had to listen to how bad and stupid those continental (not to say global) incentives schemes would be and what harm they did hindering the healthy and free development of a so-called "free market".

Rubbish! Yes, those schemes hinder, but they hinder the economies that pretend to think on a global scale while they are entrapped into national feud and lobbyism. If nothing else they hinder the ones not following such schemes as they get financially decoupled from investing into what has an extremely bad ROI lacking FITs. We wanted to play globally, so we have to face it.

So may be somebody read this blog post on the UK falling behind fast; most unlikely. Anyway, there is some hope that on their path to think energy and the known and proven methods to generate energies (yes, they are coming in plural) to an end our decision makers will find the guts to also put incentives in place for simple but highly efficient Combined Heat and Power units instead of half-hearted scrappage schemes. May be by then BRE will finally look into that technology - without inventing any wheels again!

That is because the final step taking energy seriously will be when we understand that efficiency comes close once avoiding wasting energy has become the dominating factor of all this.

Might only take some more years now.

Carpe diem!


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