Tuesday, 11 May 2010

learn from automobile industry?!

why not, construction industry!?!

While we are working on our "more than a nursery" project we would like to share some thoughts with you on MMC, Modern Methods of Construction. Sometimes it helps to look beyond one's plate, so we like to compare the construction industry with the automobile industry which in this case takes your feet back onto the ground of what is so "modern" about something that is just new to a specific industry.

In 1908 Henry Ford installed the first assembly line...

Since then, 100 years later, the automobiles come in all colours, not just black, and any shape but the basic advantages of a factory installed assembly line still make good sense: it considerably cuts assembly time while material and quality control dictate the building progress from start to finish. The result are products built to the required standards and highest quality requirements.

So the time of horse and buggy levels of technology are long gone; however, there is (at least) one more important parallel: Henry Ford started those assembly lines in 1908 and 19 years later had built 15,5 million Model Ts during what we know were very tough times of economic difficulty and transition - not unlike the times we are just entering into.

So.., why wait?

Carpe diem!