Sunday, 22 August 2010

naughty but nice or comic and art?

The other part of the art!

Thank you bdonline for the price (I got tweeting an architect's joke); Tate's catalogue on "RUDE BRITANNIA" made my day. The exhibition is still on until September 5th; as the BBC put it it is "A grand celebration of Britain's taste for the naughty but nice"

"The exhibition explores British Comic Art..." under which cover I found the below "Photo Op 2005" by Peter Kennard and Cat Philipps:

It is already becoming history with the last US combat troops leaving Iraq (BBC). Still it sends shivers down my spine and always will: an illegal mission built on lies and deceptions never accomplishing anything but destruction and death and more death initiated by criminals of war on the loose while holding office and still talking about peace.

Man refuses to learn; is that another part of the art?

Carpe diem!