Sunday, 29 August 2010

be prepared `a la China

China follows that old warning "be prepared", something that Europe definitely has unlearned; or, may be Europe is still just not old enough to understand.

Meteoric growth and scant domestic energy reserves mean that action is urgently required. Energy efficiency must be taken into account right from the planning and construction stage and the energy requirements of new buildings must be significantly reduced.

With German assistance, China is aiming to improve the energy efficiency of its buildings. At a meeting of the "German-Chinese working group on energy efficiency in buildings", the German Federal Ministry of Building, the Chinese Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD), the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) - the German Energy Agency - and the Chinese state-controlled Center for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (CEEB) adopted wide-ranging cooperative activities and a new working programme.

The Chinese state's control obviously is not discussing global warming, whether its man-made, coming or going; China has decided that they better prepare for energy becoming even more expensive while their population and economy is growing. So not only do they invest in all kinds of resources but at the same time they are covering the consumption end.

Hello? Anybody out there seeing the consequences? China is - here too - boosting its competitiveness!!!

Carpe diem!