Wednesday, 4 August 2010

sunny investments

The scheme shows the connection to the mains (E)
of an individual's house PV unit (A) connected via the rectifier (B)
and the feed-in-meter (C) to the mains-meter (D).

(Sharp Germany)

On average over the last five years the price for energy generated by PV panels has decreased as follows:

  • 2010 > € 2,950.00 per kWp (-14.49%)
  • 2009 > € 3,450.00 per kWp (-19.77%)
  • 2008 > € 4,300.00 per kWp (-10.42%)
  • 2007 > € 4,800.00 per kWp (-4.00%
  • 2006 > € 5,000.00 per kWp
Government incentives have done the deal: solar power becomes more competitive; nuclear is, if at all, just one minor but then technically not solved (waste) and dangerous option!

Yes, the Intelligent Grid needs Smart Meters but also decentralised supply of energy from the reverse end; this way the basic load can be reduced and it will be more evenly distributed; at the same time overall emisions from power generation will be reduced considerably and the nations' risky dependance on fossil fuels or other imported (again > nuclear) energies will be reduced.

In addition energy efficient devices (LED etc.) and real (!) and supervised (!) Passive House building standards are the way forward and the only option to fight climate change and excessive energy cost.

Carpe diem!