Wednesday, 15 December 2010

let the eyes of vigilance never be closed

"How do you stop a snowball after it hit you in the face?"

I do not know Julian Assange, I am not related, I never met him; yet, I have the strange feeling it could have been me. Fox News want him executed but there are others, even Americans... that know better ways to discuss this latest distraction of what is a world in chaos and turmoil.

I agree with most of what (U.S.!) Congressman Ron Paul had to say and I disagree with the way Sweden and the UK are dealing with the matter making American dogsbodies of themselves. Blair was stupid and ignorant enough to get us into unwinnable wars, as among others  WikiLeaks' documents confirm; idiocy goes (a)round (the world) in circles.

This is all far from handling a democracy and its values in any intelligent and honorable way.

Carpe diem!


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