Thursday, 20 October 2011

Pretensioning the B(l)ow!

 UK's bubbling model...

The chart seen on shows the UK's monthly trade balance in reference to food!

  • August 2011: minus £1.436bn! 

  • First eight months of 2011: minus £11.648bn!

  • We are depending more on more on imports e.g. of meat, a minus of £3.601bn in 2011, alone!

  • Same for such simple and relatively easy to produce dairy products! A minus of £1.391bn in 2011!

  • Wheat and animal feed minus £1.382bn in 2011.

  • Since 1995 we are net importers of oil with a dramatically falling output of North Sea oil.

Great Britain shows the classic bubble economy of a degenerated Anglo-Saxon model under permanent erosion of any kind of industrial output in relation to its GDP while running out of all kinds of resources; see oil and gas.

Along with the high import volume an ever increasing inflation is imported, the currency is weak even compared to US $ and the failing Euro.

Not my words, but a description of the UK's situation in the German blog above. Now, you might not like Germans, Germany or German cars, but what about the truth?

Inflation, even after tweaking all statistical possibilities, is up: 5.2%. In reference to food even +6.4%:

Another Catch-22 situation one should think as once Mr. King (Governor of the BoE) would decide to fight inflation by raising interest rates the government and the banks would have to declare bankruptcy; however, don't worry, inflation is the globally preferred idea to make debts look smaller.

As such inflation must grow faster...
as debts grow faster!
Don't mention the stability and value of the Pound, though!

"The UK fails to feed its population, Mr Neo and Mr. Lib "what are your answers?"

Carpe diem!


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