Thursday, 23 April 2009


BBC: original article

The next steps!

If you are interested in the
technology the above article summarises it nicely; but don’t forget …:

  • coal fired power plants running under CCS schemes will face a severe reduction in overall efficiency (> own energy demand), approximately -40%: so there must be more and/or bigger plants ….
  • The additional cost per ton of CO2 captured is estimated at $50 to $100. A ton of coal when burned emits between 2.6 to 3.2 tons of CO2 – the lower the quality the more CO2 - a ton of coal today costs around $80; its CO2 captured will add $130 to $320 to that price.

One question, can someone please explain why no matter who on this globe talks about CCS, the above English gentleman, a German Herr or a French Monsieur each one is eager to emphasise the fact, that his country would be(come) the one and only global leader of this technology? A technique that in theory works but has yet to be proven: very long term!

Carpe diem!


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