Wednesday, 15 April 2009

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There is an updated WWF report out on the dark sides of global fishery.

Under common perspective it is regarded as highly efficient to select what is caught at sea right there and then in order for the boat and crew to arrive back in the harbour presenting only the most profitable fish which is then deducted from the quota given.

The problem with this is not only are 30 to 80% of what is caught regularly thrown back into the sea as either being the wrong species or merely being too small; this habit reduces the pressure on the quota but builds up the pressure on global fish stock dramatically not to mention the massive disruption and the reduced capability of the decimated stock to recover.

You can assume that 100% of that bycatch is either heavily stressed, hurt, but in most cases dead before it hits the water.

Surely it can take no more than a modicum of intelligence to understand this time bomb?

Carpe diem!


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