Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Construction Industry: New Challenges - No!

The challenges have long been addressed; we just need to take action.
It was meant to happen before the credit crunch hit the construction industry so hard; with energy prices going through the roof and the awareness of the vast majority of people(s) that the globe will see severe climate alterations the way we design and build our homes and buildings must change dramatically.

In fact the dominating headline to reduce each individual’s footprint in order to make a real difference emphasises the need to re-think construction, a major player when it comes to CO2 emissions:

It might come as a surprise to some but all the instruments and means to reduce emissions from any building be it residential, commercial, or public by 85% and more are readily available, proven and affordable!

Even a 100% reduction, i.e. no emissions, are possible even though there is a global understanding to talk about “no net emissions” instead; the difference often is described as the transfer from a “Passive House” to an “Active House”.

Those terms and many more like insulation, ventilation, air tightness levels, dew points, condensation and more, but also different heating systems we will blog on in the coming weeks.

All the issues will help to get away from climbing that blue hill in the graph below…

Carpe diem!


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