Thursday, 14 January 2010

do you understand Sarkozy?

Reuters: Sarkozy to grill Renault chiefs over Clio on Saturday

President Nicolas Sarkozy has summoned Renault executive chairman Carlos Ghosn for a meeting over concerns that a new version of its popular Clio car could be made mainly in Turkey.

Government spokesman Luc Chatel told reporters the meeting would take place "very soon" and said it was "completely normal" for the state to make its views clear.

The state has long sought to influence Renault's strategy to preserve domestic jobs. In recent years, Renault has moved production of many of its smaller models to countries where labour, taxes, and production costs are lower.

In February 2009, as a condition of a government aid package during the economic crisis, Renault pledged not to close factories in France for the duration of a 3 billion euro ($4.37 billion) low-interest loan.

Interesting to see the difference between Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Sarkozy running their economies; to imagine Mrs. Merkel ordering Mr. Volkswagen, Mr.Piech, in to tell him to not transfer jobs into foreign countries like Turkey or in the end China would cause a major revolt amongst the German neo-liberal global players; their social consciousness has been globalised; as well and at best.

Remember that disastrous headline about "British jobs for ..." not so long ago? President Sarkozy takes short-cuts - good for him that he obviously has something to protect and at the same time understands, that labour is not an endless resource but faces severe competition.

Carpe diem!


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