Monday, 25 January 2010

re-pression is programme

Stock markets are running out of arguments where "all the money pumped into the economies" would pump the global party to new heights. While bank crunch has now turned into a credit crunch and soon will be a supply and demand crunch the global players gamble on all kinds of commodities, an artificial world they dream to live in and bound to bounce.

The wake up call will be ugly; it will be a fight for labour and energy enforced by neo-protecionism which will leave the neo-liberals homeless.

Not that charts tell you much other than memorising the past; obviously 1929/30 and last five years' FTSE look very similar - the challenging difference is that then we had lots of white spots on this planet and WWII was next while today we have many unsolved hot spots in a globalised over-populated world pressurised by the ongoing fights for labour, energy and any other resource.

And why does the GBP look so similar?



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