Monday, 11 January 2010

perverse? no: healthy and safe!

Health and safety experts warn: don't clear icy pavements, you could get sued

Why does nobody clear the paths outside their homes? Yup, it's all down to health and safety

Making your way through uncleared snow, ice and slush is healthy and safe; for all ages and at any time! This makes clearing pavements, roads and parking places really an absurd and unhealthful conception! And there is more room for all the other Bull...t! Or would "perverse" be the better expression?

Carpe diem!

P.S. There are rumors that Health and Safety wants everybody to wear helmets; that's against birds, birds' sh.. and the occasional plane; it will make the timely shareholder rich and most of us looking like idiots on ice.

Update 12-01-10: Interesting!

Sunday Telegraph and Mail on Sunday accused of printing false comments from health and safety experts

Health and safety gone mad? Poor journalism run amok more like.

Journalism obviously goes mad; from birds to swines and from snow to health.


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