Saturday, 10 March 2012

CPHC, not certified...

but qualified!

Even if you live in this country for ten years now, you speak and understand the language fairly well, you are still not immune from being laughed at and from people with a question mark plus at least two exclamation marks in their eyes while they are congesting what you just said.

So happened when I explained to a friend (lucky me?) that I now was certified.

Mind you, for a one-dimensional German brain it is not really easy to understand that you hold your hard-earned Certificate in your hand but then you should not declare yourself certified

The German translation of "to certify" does not offer any hint that this could mean anything other than what one has learned in school and only way further down it mentions certified sick as something like krankgeschrieben, i.e. signed off ill which for my understanding is still far from the British imagination seeing the men in white jackets arrive taking away what my gom*-friend would call a certifiable, anyway!

Carpe diem!

p.s. In case you find or found any other similar two and three dimensional bemusement in these pages please, please let me know and save me from having to go through all this for another ten years!

* grumpy old man!


Tony and Jean said...

As the "Grumpy old man", who you are enabling to have the FIRST PassiveHaus BUNGALOW, IN THE WORLD up here in Inverness, you are certainly more than PassiveHaus qualified, but not Certified yet! But our son Neil, who works in a psychiatic hospital can probably arrange it, while we are in Germany with you, doing our Hanse Haus Sampling, in just SEVEN days time, because we might drive you to that point !

caw rock said...


I am sorry to say, it was not you who I had in mind when I mentioned that "Grumpy Old Man". The one I referred to knows very well watching the waves of the Loch with a purple laptop on his knees for Nessy finally showing up...!

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