Thursday, 1 March 2012

Ponzi's late revenge...

or David's long term plan?!

I was trying to find a photo showing David Cameron and Mario Draghi, possibly arm-in-arm; instead one jumped at me that shows Mr. Big Bertha and Mr. Soduku. There you go!

Mr. Big Bertha's LTRO programme, stage II, has even attracted UK banks, explicitly those owned by the tax payer: RBS at 84% and Lloyds anything from 43% to 77% depending who you ask and what you count; RBS has asked for £5bn and Lloyds for some £11bn out of this ECB QEx pot for Euroland banksters suffering from that lethal currency.

At 1% interest this is possibly big business for the UK tax payer; it might reinforce the tax payers' investment into those banks and it might make big profit; better not by investing that kind of money into credit crunched SMEs not only as the billions have to be repaid on February 26th, 2015, noontime. It might be much more lucrative to put it into the two tax payers' banks' investment departments, securing big boni and en passant making some tremendous margins in the casinos of wheat, rice, oil and gas; things that the masses need anyway and pretty much for sure... and if not, the, rather all losses are covered anyway.

So why did I want David and Mr. Big Bertha on one picture? Oh, yes, it could have underlined the stitch-up of David leaving that table in December only for Mario to drag him back by financing not only the Euro's insolvent Ponzi banks but also the ones owned by the British Government.

All it needs is a Big Bertha.

Carpe diem!


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