Saturday, 10 March 2012

UK in real terms...

bursting into tears

Once you boil down mainstream there is not much left that enables you to see light at the end of the tunnel; numbers are hard to find, it needs a German website to help out; UK mainstream rather discusses more bread and game like topics:

Above UK production since January 1985; January 2012 sees us back on the level of 1993, that are those brilliant 20 years of progress and growth, of securing and intensifying the industrial base? It is rather like somebody wants to de-industrialise the country on the fast lane.

Here is the UK oil & gas output:

The chart starts in January 1977, the output in January 2012 is the same like in October 1978. Shamed be he who thinks this is past peak UK oil and gas, only.

We are living in a bubble economy where the City is sanctimoniously defended because financial services seem to be our only answer on the question on how the UK will feed a population of +62m people in the (near) future. Financial Services that in their majority today are totally focused on betting against the masses and their economies per se by speculating, gambling, on energy and food, all kinds of past-peak resources, debts and bonds.

The UK, we all, are more and more depending on imports of energy and food of all kinds which we will have to pay for with a hard currency; so help us if the Pound should drown in these heavy European waters where no matter what, a collapse or a prolonged artificial life of this brain-dead but at any cost defended Euro will enhance the depression.

Already there are more than 50% among young black men with no job (The Telegraph); yes, in the UK; at the same time the unemployment of the <25 year old in Greece soared to 50.5%, in Spain it is 49.9%, a figure just below 50% very likely for saving the statistics from bursting into tears.

Average unemployment rate in the Eurozone hits 10.7% with the rate for the <25 year old now above 20% that`s 2 out of 10 with no job; and probably another 4 or more in jobs that are simple or financial service, interim or trainee like jobs. and do not forget, these all are official numbers; official as in doctored and faked.

It might comfort us that production output all over Europe is eroding - but we all know the reason; no need to wake up, though, with deep cuts into education, R&D, training and lecturing it is too late, anyway!

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